Monday, February 16, 2009


Fabrics and materials.

It is very important, what fabrics and materials are used for kids clothes. Especially, it is true for summer clothing. In summer all kids are more active: they run a lot, creep and play outdoor games. The qualitative clothes are made of natural materials, such as cotton, denim, corduroy using safety dyes. Such clothes should be made from soft fabrics friendly to kids gentle skin.


A style is mainly free avoiding some constrain for kids movements. For this reason, overalls are designed wider than usual pants and shorts: having sat down on hunkers the child should not feel that seams or straps run into his body. More and more the kids clothes become similar to adults ones, but at the same time they are still playful, with funny details. This season, the leading designers recommend a great choice of pants with various functional pockets, jeans with embroidery design and appliques, shirts and T-shirts with printed pictures and also a number of sweatshirts for boys and girls. For girls, this season, they offer lovely tunic dresses, the lengthened vests, leggings, jeans with stylish details and embroidery design, various sundresses, cute colorful tops and layered skirts as the integral attributes for summer wear 2009.There are various cute outfits, t-shirts, overalls etc .for the little ones.


The color scale is unlimited. Although, khaki, orange, beige, green are preferred for boys and beige,hot pink, fuchsia, yellow and olive for girls. Lots of ,,summer colors,,!! The print on T-shirts becomes stylish accent of summer clothes. Bright colors, funny appliques: everything that can make a child happy is recommended for the little ones. This season a great choice of children's clothes won't leave parents and their children indifferent to it.

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