Friday, April 24, 2009


Today, the children's clothes differ from their former standards, because designers of children's clothes are not limited in realization of their ideas any more. Today, thanks to a huge variety of used fabrics, designers of children's clothes easily experiment and unite style and convenience, thus using the materials which ,until recently, were considered unacceptable for manufacturing of children's clothes: cashmere, mohair or the most "breathing" material - cotton. Still, more recently, all these fabrics were used only for sewing of adult clothes.

Designers of children's clothes use a variety of styles and fabrics that ,subsequently, "pours out" in incredibly beautiful and comfortable children's items. Frequently, in children's clothing there is a mixture of the collections, which have been checked up by the previous seasons (well on sale in any season) and also trendy design novelties, which are worn by children and teenagers. That is, for this reason, the clothes for a little child are often similar to the clothes of its senior brother/sister, only in the reduced variant. Certainly, a process of creation of children's clothes assumes an implication of new designers' ideas which are born in their imagination. Thus, any designer, creating a new collection of clothes relies ,mostly, on his/her own taste and style. The gifted designer is, first of all, a creator, so even if he/she uses an "adult" detail or an accessory in children's clothing, it should be clear: it is intended for the kid.

According to survey of consumer activity and a sales volume of children's shops, more and more parents spend lots of money on clothes and accessories for their kids.The researchers specify the fact that contemporary parents are more and more interested in children's clothes and accessories, than ever before. Probably, it is connected with occurrence of new designers of children's clothes, and, as consequence, with a huge choice of children's clothes. Besides, this tendency takes roots in a society with the rise of the lines of children's clothes of well-known designers who are also engaged in release of children's accessories. Frequently, such business course, is expected, that the parents want to do all the best for their children. As a consequence, each parent who is able to buy an expensive item for the kid, will do it. Especially, if this item is made by a well- known designer. The success of children's collections is also justified by the fact that designers of children's clothing are the parents themselves. Creating a certain collection, they are thinking, if they would buy such thing for their own child or not.

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