Sunday, July 26, 2009


Summer is nearly over and many parents are thinking about further purchase for their children for fall/winter 2009/2010 season. And, of course, particular attention should be paid to high quality, natural and practical fabrics which keep warmth and, at the same time, soft and light.


Multilayered clothes are still at the top of this season. For girls, a lot of tunics which are great with leggings or with jeans that have such stylish details as appliqué, embroideries, prints, etc. Practically, each collection for fall-winter 09/10 has folklore motifs, original cutting, color decisions and decorations. Lace, knitted details, beads and embroidery, etc. are widely used. New fabrics, imitating vintage fabrics and styles are more and more available. There is a great choice of classical cardigans knitted on the wrong side with seams outwards. Accessories are also very important. They are bright tights with stylish details of various colors, tights with legwarmers, leggings, berets, knitted caps and gloves with folklore motifs, embroidery, appliqués, etc. As for outwear, designers offer collections of down and woolen coats and leather items. Bubble and denim skirts with stylish details are still in fashion. Sweater dresses are practical and, at the same time, very stylish. As for boys, a sport style for casual clothes is a top of the season. Jeans with lots of stylish details and pockets, multilayered sweatshirts with hoods are available. Smart clothes are characterized by an elegant style of small gentleman. Classical sweaters with geometric patterns, pullovers, coats, suits, vests, etc.


Speaking about color scale of the fall-winter season, we can say that designers gave preference to the fall palette. In this collection a color of khaki, dark-orange, burgundy, lilac, black, red, purple, blue, beige and all shades of green are more predominant. Floral theme presents in every outfit for girls, but stripes and geometric patterns are characteristic for the boys’ clothes. Speaking about some stylish details of outfits we can mention wooden buttons or buttons knitted up with crochet, knitted flowers decorated with beads on the berets or tunics, effect of crinkled fabric, leather details on jeans or pants. An effect of multilayered clothing is also popular, undetached leggings and shorts, turtlenecks and dresses, shirts and sweaters, etc.

The originality of designers’ fantasy makes children’s fall/winter 09/10 collection to be the clothing of the new millennium.

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