Monday, September 21, 2009


Summer is over and children went to school. Are you ready for a new school season? Otherwise, we will help you choose practical, stylish and trendy clothes.
First, for cold winter days, it is necessary to choose clothing, made of natural and practical fabrics which will keep your child warm and comfortable. The best fabrics for winter wear are, certainly, cotton, wool and acrylic.
Secondly, it is very important to choose plain clothing patterns that are easily put on or taken off, that avoid rubbing child's skin and that are also very comfortable.
This season, French designers have continued an idea of multilayered clothing, both for boys and girls.
How convenient and time saving a dress with undetached turtleneck, a polo tee shirt with undetached shirt and shorts with undetached leggings are !
Especially, it is important for those children who hate getting up early in the morning and getting dressed.
Jean Bourget offers a number of dresses in fall color gamma with nice trimming and stylish pants with adjustable waistband and a lot of trendy details.
Warm practical and soft turtleneck shirts and cardigans with a number of stylish details, embroidery and prints are still at the top of this season. Such accessories, as woolen caps and gloves are also of great importance.
clothes for girls have a lot of bright details, whereas boys' clothing is of calm colors. There are also a number of polo shirts, sweaters, jeans, pants with various stylish trimmings: everything that boys like. Besides, those who live in southern states can buy boys' and girls' summer clothing at 65% off in our Boutique. Here, you can find a number of dresses of both pastel and rich colors and lightened pants for boys, tee shirts of various colors, Bermuda shorts and sweatshirts.
Would you like to transform summer clothing into fall outfit? Put any of suggested tee shirts on basic tee shirt and you will get the multilayered clothing, then.
We wish you to prepare for this season, remembering about style and good taste and we will help you in it!

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Amanda said...

My girl loves dressing trendy. She always wants to be wearing what she sees on tv. I found this things for girls to be great.