Friday, January 29, 2010


For years, Me Too has been a staple of European children's fashions.
The clothes from Denmark are for children aged from 0 till 10 years old. The company started in 2001 and today its production has been already presented in 12 countries. Today, the company designers' motto is to create such children's clothes as they are imagined by children themselves. ME TOO clothes are of a high quality and at reasonable prices. Bright colors, funny appliques, gentle fabrics is a distinctive feature of the collections. The company produces 4 collections a year in 3 age lines: BABY Original design collection is a contrast combination of bright and pastel colors for newborns in sizes 50-68. Gentle fabrics and a convenient style for the maximum comfort. MINI, a collection in sizes 68-98.Bright clothes with a set of decorative elements created specially for games and fun. BAMBINI, a collection for kids from 2 till 10 years old. There are also clothes for an active exploring the world. ME TOO spring-summer 2010 collection is, as usual, remarkable for its bright colors, unexpected design of trimmings, use of various prints, appliques, and quality fabrics. The designers have taken into consideration everything to make Me Too kidswear stylish and comfortable for hot summer days.

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I love the designs and specially that of the children that you have posted in your site, I really like the way you design the dresses, can you design manually if I order for something?