Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If a child is allowed to wear his/her favorite clothes then dressing can become quite an enjoyable experience for children as well as for the parents. They could be allowed to dress up as their favorite superheroes or as their most loved cartoon characters or even as characters from video games which they love.

The main thing to remember is to allow the child himself/herself to have a say in the clothes that you buy for him/her. This will make it more interesting for the children and also ensure that you do not have to make all the choices.

If the child has clothes which are comfortable and which he/she likes then he/she is going to enjoy dressing up a lot more and may even start dressing up on his/her own. Here are a few tips to remember which are going to make your child enjoy dressing up on his/her own a lot more and properly too :-

1. If you are handing down clothes from the older child to the younger one then you should let the younger one decorate the clothes as he or she sees fit. Let him/her put patches of his/her choice on the clothes and this would also let the clothes look unique and like they are new.

2. Take a decision on the clothes that your child is going to wear when attending formal or special occasions. Explain to the child that even though he/she can have a say in the clothes he/she wears everyday, when it comes time for important events, they need to dress appropriately.

Tape pictures of the clothes (like socks, shirts, pants, etc.) inside drawers onto them. This will help younger children know where his/her clothes are and will also help him/her to figure out on his/her own on which part of the body each garment goes.

Make your children choose what they are going to wear the previous night.
After choosing the clothes you should make them lay the clothes out on a chair. This helps children get ready a lot faster in the mornings for school.

Make the boring, tedious process of wearing clothes into a game of some sort in order to make it more enjoyable and entertaining. Try having races to see who can get dressed the fastest.

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