Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Over the past few years there has been a very big change in fashion for children.
At one time, fashion for children involved pretty, cute, girlish and boyish clothes and was usually in pink (for girls) and blue (for boys).

But recently, the trends and styles which have been started have been adopted from adult fashion runways and have helped in transforming children's clothing in designer wear which is wearable and practical.

If you compare the fashion worlds of the big and small then you will easily be able to see the correlation. Children have started looking as chic as adults in their outfits. Now lets take a look at the new styles that have become famous over the years and are most likely going to continue to do so this year.

Girls : There is a very strong desire for people to combine various styles with refinement and glamour. With a fresh attitude which is based on beauty, sentiment and simplicity the collections that will be on sale this summer are going to be full of technological materials and fine fabrics.

White, blue, purple, hot pink are fine colors that give a somewhat regal touch and these colors go well with polka dots, stripes or other delightful prints in strong colors like black and fuchsia.

Boys : The collection for boys this year is focusing a lot on spirit and energy. The most frequent styles can be found in blue, khaki, cream, white and various other neutral colors. These new styles all have quite a slim fit, but since they are all going to be made of ultra light fabrics they are relatively easy to wear and allow a lot of freedom for movement. There are also many pockets which have been added onto the garments and this gives them a very cool touch.

Boys even have the choice of wearing tank tops or polo shirts in various different colors with lots of details on the front and on the back. Finally, boys clothes are getting fashionable and are going to be able to compete with girls clothes as far as style quotient is concerned.

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