Sunday, March 1, 2009


The hobby of my five years old daughter is an extensive "sorting" of my clothes. And I can say that I absolutely understand her. I remember that in my childhood I had a bonnet in my head trying on my mum's dresses. Actually, no wonder that every child has his or her own taste and desire to look attractive. And we, parents should encourage our children and bring up their good taste. I think, many well- known couturiers began designing children's clothes looking at their lovely children. Let’s remember the masterpieces of great artists of the past.The children on them, as a rule, are wearing silk and velvet clothes with rich accessories of handwork.The clothes for children made of silk and velvet are really the clothes out of time. The Italian and French designers are not going to refuse these fabrics even nowadays. An elegant silk dress with flounces and refined furnish of lace, – what can be better for a special holiday! In spite of such " children's classics", the European fashion houses design the original clothes for children taking into account the recent trends of "an adult fashion". The Dutch offer colorful clothes in combination with stylish accessories. The French exclusive clothes for children distinguish themselves by their grace of a cut and perfect selection of materials.

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