Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tatiri is a brand name of an Italian collection derived from the inspiration of the beautiful, attractive, lovely, colorful, young and dynamic items.

Tatiri acquired an excellent reputation for the production of high quality accessory for children, educational toys, and musical, vanity and unique gifts items for over the years.

At TATIRI product safety and customer satisfaction is our main concern. TATIRI brand is an Italian owned company. Therefore all the designs are made in Italy. Where the majority of our products are made in the Philippines.

Every batch of paint is marked and a sample is collected for testing of heavy metal and toxicity. Our products conduct both ASTM tests requirements for the United States and EN71 for Europe. TATIRI provides toys and gift items that are as safe as possible.

Currently Tatiri is presented in over 22 countries throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East and most part of the world.

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