Monday, June 8, 2009


patient, careful parent is always capable to find proper words to be heard by his/her child.
But, what can you do, if your tastes
differ? Certainly, you should better give in. Remember a saying, tastes differ, and take it easy.

According to s
uch rules, the world of adults, respecting the opinions of one another, lives.
But ,imagine, that it is very difficult for you to take a choice of your child.
it is too much of you!

ose clothes, he/she likes are really awful! What can you do in such situation?
We offer an alternative decision. Let the imagination of your child to be splashed out outside.

A home
fashion show, that is necessary for us! To realize it, you need to sacrifice some things of your own, and find some forgotten accessories in your wardrobe, but, this game is worth of it! Both little girls, and boys will take part in a "catwalk".
More than that,
they will be models, and designers of their "creations".
will be great, if you will find some suitable music and prepare a room for a fashion show.

You can
invite your children's friends and arrange a team competition.
Each team will be offered
to make up a collection of fashionable clothes on a certain theme. For example, clothes for a dancing party, sports competitions and clothes for special occasions . Each participant can become a "couturier" by turns.
An "a
uthor" represents his/her new clothing collection and comments a catwalk executed by other participants of the game. An elder brother or sister can become
professional photographers". What is a catwalk without bright flashlights!
A "competent jury" of the nearest relatives will score little models' work.
a "beginning fashion designer" will be rewarded. Don't forget to prepare prizes for each of participants.

"The celebratory banquet"
, a special tea party can become a worthy end of this exiting home fashion show.
Having a cup of tea with various sweeties, you can discuss the highlights of display, and, at the same time, to calm your children excited with a new game.

Such improvised "children's catwalk
" can become a special occasion of any home holiday.

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Stopping in from the June Comment Challenge, so glad to meet you!

Equidae said...

hmmmm nice idea and thoughts they are so true