Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Children's fashion is always associated with natural materials, comfort and, certainly,with affecting nature and fun. When choosing the children's clothing, first, you should pay attention to natural fabrics without any dyestuff.
The main component is cotton ,thanks to its reliability.
Denim and stretch are the most fashionable and practical fabrics using in modern children's fashion.
So-called "crushed effect" is another tendency of children's fashion. Such effect is very popular, because of its practicality in every- day wear. Besides, the clothing with "crushed effect" doesn't need ironing.
Which important elements of children's clothing is special attention paid to?
Of course, to ease and comfort. In this case, sportswear is perfect. They are tee-shirts, sweatshirts with various hoods, tracksuits, etc. Wearing sneakers is an everyday style of children's fashion. Moreover, they have various styles: classic, sports and elegant.
Hand-made,"pirate", grunge and military styles, "R & B" style are the most popular ones with children's clothes. This gives an opportunity to match unmatched things and create new images.
Today, an image of girls is romantic. Lace, ribbons, flowers are very popular with any styles. Tunics and tight pants have become emigrants from adult fashion into children's one. So-called "cowboy style" is also in fashion.
An image of boys is, on the contrary, "hooligan". Freedom and independence are the main tendencies in boys' fashion. It means matching tee-shirts and shirts, cargo-pants with numerous pockets, etc.
Color is also of no small importance. It gives an excellent mood and a lot of energy for all day long. The main color of modern children's fashion is white.
But, don't be afraid of it. Modern washing methods can help wash out everything!
Then comes pink, light-blue and yellow.
All in all, children's fashion is always colorful and impressive and it is never boring.

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