Thursday, August 20, 2009


It goes without saying, that not only girls, but, certainly, boys like wearing stylish and trendy clothing and meet tendencies of the latest fashion. Especially, in teen age their desire to look attractive is increasing. We hope, that we will help parents to define what to buy for fall /winter 2009/10 and try to tell you about our the most stylish novelties.
Today, we are going to speak about Catimini Spirit multilayered striped polo shirt. These polo shirts are, in fact, the top sellers of the latest two seasons and, it is not surprising, because such clothes are great for school and pastime activities. For the further convenience and time saving, Catimini brand designers have made undetached polo shirts, joined cotton shirt with polo shirt, therefore, proving that multilayered clothes are at the top again. Pleasant blue color of the polo shirt matches well with various pants, jeans and shorts of black, blue, gray, white and turquoise colors which are preferred by boys. Stylish appliques, embroidered details, prints, etc. make this shirt trendy and cute. Moreover, it is excellently machine-washable, never loses its color and, if you don't like ironing, it is just what you want, because of its crinkled effect.
We hope, your child will enjoy this Catimini polo shirt and will hear a lot of complements.

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