Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Such accessories for children clothing, as tights and leggings are very practical, convenient and necessary for any girls' outfits.
You really can't help surprising to the designers' fantasy! How beautiful, colorful and varied all these accessories are! Moreover, tights are decorated with crochet knitted details, small pompoms, tassels, crystals, beads,etc.
Recently, you can see more collections of tights for kids, in which the children's clothing designers have combined two accessories: tights and leg warmers, making them undetached and showing that multilayered clothing is still at the top of fashion.
Depending on season, the density and the fabrics of tights are very different. For summertime, light and soft cotton is the best, because it is the most friendly to the child's tender skin. For winter, tights and leggings are made with addition of woolen threads to keep children's legs warm.
CATIMINI fall/winter 09/10 collection of accessories is characterized by its colorful ethnic motifs and beautiful embroidery details, while JEAN BOURGET fall/winter 09/10 is more elegant and has one color spectrum with imitation of open-work fabric or various stripes.

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