Sunday, December 27, 2009


Quite often, for teenagers' parents any shopping for clothing turns into a hurricane of emotions, not always positive. Perhaps, it can be based on a financial situation of the family, the requirements for school clothes, and the different taste of the child with whom the parents can argue on what to wear that finally leads to controversy. Teenagers often manipulate their parents by comparing their clothes with their friends' ones or completely refusing to wear already bought clothing chosen by their parents. And, somehow, they are right. The fact is that in teen's groups the clothing is a kind of a uniform. The point here is neither in fashion nor taste. By certain combination of clothing, teens show their position in society or their addiction that gives a signal to their peers. Perhaps, that is exactly like an expensive watch brand required for a trophy person aged 40, just ragged on the knees jeans or solid metal chain are necessary in 14 years. However, it is up to you to explain to a teenager that no need to adjust to a company where you are valued only for the clothing brand and, sooner or later, he will certainly understand that. But, there no use to ban teens wearing hot teen's clothing. You should try to combine the demands of the teen and the necessary wardrobe.
Try to follow some tips. Divide the wardrobe of your child on school (formal) and after-school wear (for going out). In their free time children should be allowed to wear what they like. Even, if their clothing looks like a picture of a chimpanzee, it can be that outfit in which the children would feel themselves comfortable among their peers. At the same time, the teenager should be taught how to combine things and where and what kind of clothing would be appropriate. If he/she wants to experiment with the clothing, e.g. to embroider or cut out something or pour some paint from a container on the tee-shirt or jeans, offer your child to experiment with a worn part of the wardrobe, this can develop a gift of a designer. Also, you can help your son put the rivets on his hot outfit and sew a wristband or to show your daughter the secrets of cutting and creating accessories. However, if you believe that green is the most beautiful color, do not try to make your child sure of it, rely on his/her vision of the world. Let your child choose the color spectrum of the wardrobe on his/her own. If you want to save money on clothing, explain why your daughter has to wear your sweatshirt, let her learn the value of money. Let your child sew or invent his/her outfit, discuss with him/her the latest issues of fashion and style, it will help them in the future. Teens' tastes in clothing may vary, and it is not necessary that a Goth girl will wear gloomy clothes for the rest of her days. In a year her outfits will change into bright and colorful ones and you should understand these changes.

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