Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Washing machines are able to dry anything from your usual laundry to comforters, pillows and shoes. You just have to choose the right cycle to wash it under and how best to protect the object you are to wash. Also, the washing machine you use important.

If you have a top loader and agitator then you should try and refrain from washing cotton
clothes which are delicate. Older model top loaders are very scary. In this case, you should prefer to wash the clothes by hand. But, if you have a front loader, it will be much more gentle on your clothes.

If you want to protect your clothes then you should make sure you use a delicate washing cycle. This cycle does not tumble clothes inside rapidly and thus wear and tear on the clothes is much lesser. A lot of people prefer using the gentle cycle of washing when delicate fabrics are concerned. Just ensure you do not use harsh cleaning solutions like bleach. Front loaders are much more efficient when cleaning. There is a larger infusion of cleaning solution into the clothes fabric.
If your clothing is very delicate, bleaching it could spoil it. You should use mild cleaning lotions instead.
There are a few companies which also include net bags with their washers.

You can put the delicate clothes inside this bag and then put them for wash with your regular clothes. This is excellent for protecting it from wear and tear.If you did not get one with your machine then you can make one of your own.Just buy a net bag and sow a zipper and pouch into it. This is how to effectively use it:

Put your delicate clothing inside the bag. If you have to remove stains then you should pre-treat it with stain solution & put some on the infected area too just before putting it for wash. Then place it in the washer and program the cycle. Make sure you only use cold temperature cycles as the clothes might get damaged because of the heat. After this you can use the delicate cycle.

This bag can also be used for underwear and other laundry items which may have buckles or buttons to ensure that they do not come loose or get caught in other clothes you are washing. Try this to clean your clothing. These net bags should be a simple answer to your dilemma.

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OrganicBabyCarrier said...

Awesome advice! You always pay more for 100% cotton, especially organic cotton, so we need to ensure we take care of it right?!

Any advice on the best way to dry cotton clothing? I always hang them outside, inside out, so they don't fade.